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What will post-Covid global sourcing look like?

Unprecedented levels of global trade disruption and uncertainty triggered by COVID-19 make reliable forecasting all but impossible.

Nevertheless, observations of trends point to several probable outcomes of this still unfolding global crisis.

The near-shoring trend of 2019 can be expected to continue and accelerate.

With the current crisis further underscoring the risk of supply chains keeping all eggs in one basket, geographical diversification of sourcing will soar to new heights when global trade resumes.

In particular, the near-shoring trend of 2019 can be expected to continue and accelerate; while the future of Asian manufacturing regions outside China will hinge on their survival of the COVID-19 age. 

Supplier audits will be instrumental for ensuring quality and compliance.

Brands and retailers that weather the storm are likely to end up with greatly overhauled supplier portfolios, made up by factories that manage to survive the lockdowns.

During that time, supplier audits will be instrumental for ensuring quality and compliance: as such manufacturers will be tempted to operate in the stripped-down mode that had enabled their survival.

Furthermore, the 2020 pandemic will likely push brands and manufacturers to revisit existing supplier auditing frameworks and put sanitation and hygiene checks at the top of checklists.

Leaner, more agile operations.

Finally, the dawning recession will likely act as a catalyst for brands to transform their supply chain into leaner, more agile operations.

To keep their sourcing operations on par, brands will need to accelerate the digitisation of their supply chain management and invest in solutions that help achieve supply chain visibility, map risks and identify quality and compliance issues in real time.

Patrokles QA Manager software can help you manage these inevitable changes

Near-shoring means new suppliers. These may be closer to home but don’t be fooled to believe that labour law violations, cutting corners on chemical regulations, and poor quality management are just Asian problems; they are not.

With a digital platform that brings accuracy, transparency and intelligence to quality and compliance, Patrokles QA offers industry-leading expertise for managing on- and offsite inspections, supplier audits and lab testing.

What will post-Covid global sourcing look like?
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